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India is the biggest democracy in the world and predictors have told that India will be one of the most developed countries by 2030 Indians are considered as one of the most intelligent people across the globe and no wonder that 40% of the employees working in NASA from India. India has its present in each and every field of industry from very small proprietor organisations till the multinational companies India has seen a very huge amount of growth and success from the 1990s and it is known for its cheap labour and people in India are very much workaholic. Latest study in this particular block that how and Organisation can improve the satisfaction levels of their employees and also how each and every person working in any kind of industry will get benefited if their organisation takes SA 8000 Certification Services in Bangalore.

SA 8000 Certification in India is nothing but social accountability Which is designed on the principles of international human rights norms as in  labour Organisation convention , united Nation conventions on the right of the child and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

India essay 8000 in India requires compliance with it performance criteria as mentioned on the social accountability International website those are as follows

  1. Child labour: Child labour should not be in use nor should be supported, return policies and procedures are mandatory for remediation of any kind of child or children who are found working in any situation which should contain all that required adequate support in financial or any other aspects like they have to be enabled to attend school and all the other aspects of SA 8000 Certification Services in India.
  2. Forced and compulsory labour: According to SA 8000 certification in India there should not be any kind of force compulsion on the workers or labourers no they should be any deposit, withholding salary, property, benefits, documents for the Force full work.
  3. Health and safety: According to SA 8000 services in India the most important aspects which has to be taken care by each and every organisation is the health and safety norms of each and every employee and the minimum basic requirements which are adequate have to be compulsorily provided to all the labourers and workers.
  4. Freedom of association and tried to collective bargaining: A firm can never stop its employees or workers from collective bargaining are forming trade unions of their choice needed neither it can can interfere in workers organisation are collective bargaining and have to respect the right to organised unions. SA 8000 in in India that each and every organisation have to inform their workers about all these rights and freedom which they can enjoy in the workplace.
  5. Discrimination: According to SA 8000 Certification consultation services in India there should not be any kind of discrimination whatsoever on the workers based on race, national or social origin, union membership, political opinions, remuneration, promotion , retirement, cast, religion, genders, disability, sexual orientation our age. Each and every worker has to be given access to training. There should not be any kind of exercise or practice which directly or indirectly affects the mental stability of an employee like threatening, abusive, latif, behaviour at the workplace and very important thing is that at any kind of situation there cannot be pregnancy or virginity test conducted to their employees no matter how severe or serious is the circumstance.
  6. Disciplinary practices: All the employees and personnel should be treated with respect and dignity and there cannot be any kind of corporal punishment mental or physical abuse of any personnel.
  7. Working hours: Compliance with law and industrial standards has to be maintained and each and every employee has to be aware of what are there working hours and what is the pay given for working overtime what is the maximum amount of all time that can be worked.

Remuneration: Right of a person to living wages has to be respected all the workers have to be paid at least legal minimum wages according to SA 8000. The wages which are paid to the workers should be sufficient to meet their basic needs and provide all that is required. I should not be any deductions in the wages paid to their employees for any disciplinary purposes each and every benefit and wages should be clearly communicated with the workers and have to be paid at the right time and also in a convenient way like check or cash.

How to get SA 8000 Certification in India?

All the above mentioned parameters have to be neatly taken care and you are implementing SA 8000 Certification Services in India. So you can get the help of SA 8000 certification consultants in India will help you and incorporating all the necessary parameters and will help you to get certified for 3000 certification in India

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